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Peer reviewed study shows net climate benefit of rotational grazing

A report published on Sept. 30, 2015 compares the net climate effect of various strategies for grazing beef cattle in the Southern Great Plains, where one-third of the U.S cow-calf operations are located.  The study, conducted by scientists from South Dakota University and Texas A&M, calculated both the emissions of methane from the animals’ digestive tracts and also the carbon sequestration occurring under the respective grazing scenarios as carbon is taken from the air and stored deep in the ground via photosynthesis and the action of soil microbes. Previous studies on beef production have generally omitted the carbon sequestration factor ,which mitigates the GHG emissions impact. The report concludes that rotational grazing, also known as multi-paddock grazing, is the best option for carbon mitigations and that farms employing this grazing strategy will likely be carbon sinks for decades. Read the report here.