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1. Local 100% grass-fed beef. By raising cattle here in the Northeast U.S.A. - instead of overseas or in western feedlots - we reduce food miles, revive the region’s farmland, sequester carbon and keep food dollars in the region where our customers live.  Each package of our meat is traceable to the Northeast farm where the animal was raised.

2. Healthy, happy animals. Our cattle are handled humanely throughout their lives. They are out on pasture year round, eating only grass and forage plus some hay in winter – no grain. No growth hormones or antibiotics either.

3. Consistently tasty and tender. Unlike other brands in the marketplace our beef always tastes great. Below are four key reasons why our beef is consistently healthy, tasty, and tender:

  • Our cattle are hardy, older breeds that thrive on a 100% grass-fed diet and produce tasty, tender meat.

  • Our farmers raise the cattle according to our protocol and standards.

  • Our meat is not lean. Intramuscular fat means flavor, and our beef has it, with a beneficial ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids to Omega 6s that is important for health.

  • Our skilled graziers fatten the cattle for market on the lush pastures of the Northeast, using rotational (multi-paddock) grazing – with no grain.

4. True sustainability means that everyone along the food chain eats: soil microbes, pasture plants, cattle, farmers, processors and distributers, vendors, and customers. We're looking at the Big Picture.  Our entire system is environmentally and economically sustainable here in the Northeast United States.

Spring pasture, Hardwick, Massachusetts

Spring pasture, Hardwick, Massachusetts


“…grass will act as the great balance wheel and stabilizer to prevent gluts of other crops—to save soil from destruction—to build up a reserve of nutrients and moisture in the soil, ready for any future emergency, to create a more prosperous livestock industry, and finally to contribute to the health of our people through better nutrition.”

Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture, 1933-1941



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